About Labwire

At Labwire, our success is driven by an exceptional team with a wealth of experience in both the dynamic realm of tech startups and the intricate landscape of hedge funds. Our talented professionals bring years of hands-on expertise, having navigated the challenges and opportunities inherent in the tech startup ecosystem. Simultaneously, their backgrounds in hedge funds equip them with a nuanced understanding of financial markets and strategic investment. This diverse fusion of skills positions Labwire uniquely, allowing us to navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape with a blend of innovation and financial acumen. It is through the collective proficiency of our team that Labwire continues to pioneer cutting-edge solutions and deliver unparalleled value to our clients and shareholders.


We offer a private company valuation on a cash flow basis with a potential earn-out.


The owner must have a strong track record of delivering exceptional performance.


The owner plans to stay in management with a long-term arrangement.

Data Review

We review KPIs to measure the historical and future potential of the business.


As a team, we build out milestones to increase the value of the business on a pro forma basis.


We provide various support from our internal resources as well as strategic partners.


We integrate the business by consolidating back office operation to reduce the cost of running a business.


We grow the business together by opening a new location or through an acquisition.