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12/28/2023Labwire Announces Corporate Updates and Strategic Initiatives for 2023 Year-End and 2024 OutlookOTC MARKETS
10/30/2023Labwire, Inc. (OTC: LBWR) Shifts Growth Strategy with Acquisition of Call Affiliate, LLC and Withdrawal from Assure Media, LLC Agreement | Press Release | 10/30/2023ACCESSWIRE
9/26/2023Labwire, Inc. (OTC: LBWR) Announces Non-Binding LOI to Acquire Assure Media, LLC, a Leading High-Growth Lead Generation Technology Company Focused on Financial, Legal, and Home ServicesPress Release | 09/26/2023ACCESSWIRE
7/31/2023Labwire, Inc (OTC: LBWR) Announces Q2 2023 Earning Results and Corporate UpdatesEarnings Announcement | 07/31/2023OTC MARKETS
7/10/2023Labwire, Inc (OTC:LBWR) Announces Major Milestones and Future PlansPress Release | 07/10/2023ACCESSWIRE
6/30/2023Labwire Announces SEC Approval for Regulation A+ Offering, Driving Expansion of Super 99 CentersPress Release | 06/30/2023OTC MARKETS
5/1/2023Labwire, Inc Releases Q1 2023 Financial Results & Provides Information on Pending Acquisitions and Financing ActivitiesPress Release | 05/01/2023OTC MARKETS
3/20/2023Labwire, Inc (OTC: LBWR) Announces Acquisition of Gas Station with Convenience Store in northern ArizonaPress Release | 03/20/2023OTC MARKETS
3/30/2023Labwire, Inc (OTC: LBWR) Announces Acquisition of Cessil and Change of ControlPress Release | 03/03/2023OTC MARKETS